“Pamela Lambert, as a capricious hussy in appropriately, inappropriate, tight dresses, is a sight for any man's eyes, sore or other wise!”

~ 1501Broadway.com

For me, the most important review for this show came from the playwright herself. I was telling her how personal and painful my “process” had been.  And she replied…

“That’s about right, because there were tears on the page as I was writing.  Tonight though for the first time, as I watched, you made me forget that I wrote it… thank you.”

~ Aishah Rahman

“… a first rate cast!”

~ Star Tribune


“Pamela Lambert fairly sizzles as the sexual Molly!”

~ Talkin’ Broadway!


 “Kevin West (Jeremy) shares one of the most erotically charged moments seen on stage in recent memory with the alluring Pamela Lambert (Molly).”

~ Pioneer Press

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“Vincent Siders was perfect as the philandering hubby , while Pamela Lambert‘s sinned-against wife, was done with the exactly right measure of outrage and hurt. What fun to watch two excellent actors duke it out.”


“I’m Still His Mother was brilliantly executed by Pamela Lambert as Mom, a more than willing partner in an incestuous relationship with her 20 year old son.”

~ Kay Bourne Arts Report

Seriously Funny


...the ensemble pulls out all the stops, chews up all the scenery in sight, and shows that there is no top too high to go over...

~ Bill Rodriguez , The Phoenix